International Symposium on Applied Science and Technology

“Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals: Contriving the Blueprint to
Face Industrial Revolution 4.0 and Society 5.0″

Event Description.

ISASTech 2020 is part of the Symposium of OISAA America-Europe Region which will take place in the city of Istanbul for a full week respectively between 21-27 of June 2020. The conference consists of paper submission and presentation, speeches from reputable keynote and invited speakers, focus group discussion, poster exhibition, scholarship talk show, cultural night and awarding ceremony. An estimated of 150 scientific papers will be presented during the parallel session of the conference and at least 25 notable speakers will expose their ideas about the future of the world digitalization development during the plenary sessions. Presenters will also be invited to focus group discussion to contribute their ideas as written on their selected paper which would be concluded as recommendation. All attendees will also be entertained with enjoyable performances during the events and cultural night. ISASTech 2020 is a delightful platform to share and gather ideas which also might help in building up attendees’ network.


The 7th Symposium of OISAA America-Europe Region or also mostly known as the 7th Simposium Amerika Eropa (SAE) Istanbul 2020 will be held on the last days of the symposium. This is an annual event which organized by OISAA America Europe Region (PPIDK Amerop) where Indonesian students from 27 countries across America-Europe gather to evaluate their organizations’ programs in the previous year. They will also elect the new president of the organization for the following year. Series of this event includes organizations’ internal meeting, on cruise gala dinner, and Istanbul city tour. Having ISASTech 2020 and SAE Istanbul 2020 together would allow the two events to support each other and help highlight the importance of academic discussion, research and development with more motivated people joining the events.

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