International Symposium on Applied Science and Technology

“Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals: Contriving the Blueprint to
Face Industrial Revolution 4.0 and Society 5.0″


Background of ISASTech

International Symposium on Applied Science and Technology (ISASTech) is an annual conference initiated among academician and students within the Overseas Indonesian Student’ Association Alliance America-Europe Region (OISAA), also called Perhimpunan Pelajar Indonesisia se- Dunia Kawasan Amerika-Eropa (PPIDK Amerop). This conference is devoted to discussing current scientific developments on technology and applied sciences topics, to exchange knowledges and experiences amongst academicians or scientists, practitioners and policy makers.


The 1st ISASTech 2020 Istanbul raises a theme of “Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals: Contriving the Blueprint to Face Industrial Revolution 4.0 and Society 5.0” as a response of the current trend in industrial, economic, education, agriculture and public sectors which is marked by prevalent uses of digitalized and automatized high-technology tools in every aspects of human life. According to the UNDP Report in 2018, “Industrial Revolution” 4.0 is marked by prevalently usage of automation and artificial intelligence in several aspects of human life, started from manufacturing to the governmental bureaucracy system. At one side, the usage of automated tools and artificial intelligence could optimize the production process and the government service.


However, it also creates serious problems to the society such as: raising unemployment rate, gaps between high and low skilled workforces, and racial-ethic bias from wrong-designed artificial intelligence. 2016 became a momentum when Society 5.0 shared that vision and published officially early 2019.  Society 5.0 present a “super smart society”. Its particular challenges and just as Industry 4.0 are the digital transformation of manufacturing, Society 5.0 aims to tackle several challenges by going far beyond just the digitalization of the economy towards the digitalization across all levels of the society and the digital transformation of society itself. Obviously, in practice, Industry 4.0 and organizations overall will be major components in Society 5.0, yet it’s not the industry alone: it’s about all stakeholders, including citizens, governments, academia and so forth.


These opportunities and challenges raise concerns about the ongoing Industrial Revolution 4.0 on whether it creates benefit or the opposite. With the respect to the ongoing Industrial Revolution 4.0, The 1st ISASTech Istanbul 2020 focuses on the following issues:

  1. Digitalization and Its Impact on The National Economy.
  2. Digitalization of Agriculture, Marine, and Animal Husbandry.
  3. Academic Impacts of Digital Education.
  4. Impact of Digitalization on Art and Culture.
  5. Application of Digital Technology in the Public Sector.


ISASTech 2020 is also part of annual PPIDK Amerop Symposium (SAE). In 2020, the 7th SAE will be held in the city of Istanbul hosted by PPI Turki and PPI Istanbul. The 1st ISASTech Istanbul 2020 and the SAE Istanbul 2020 are designed to afford delegations to work together, build the network, formulate the ideas, and start resolving the challenges by peer-reviewed research. SAE will discuss specific issues related to the future of Indonesia while ISASTech has more global point of view. How to contrive the blue print to face industrial revolution 4.0 and society 5.0 to achieve the sustainable development goals in Indonesia and the World? The answers can be found in the event.


“Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals: Contriving the Blueprint to Face Industrial Revolution 4.0 and Society 5.0”


  • Digitalization and its impact on the future of global economy.
  • Digitalization of agriculture, marine and animal husbandry.
  • Academic impacts of digital education.
  • Impact of digitalization on art and culture.
  • Application of digital technology in the public sector.

Our Potential Speakers

Keynote Speaker in General Session

Speakers in Panel Discussion: Subtheme 1

Speakers in Panel Discussion: Subtheme 2

Speakers in Panel Discussion: Subtheme 3

Speakers in Panel Discussion: Subtheme 4

Speakers in Panel Discussion: Subtheme 5

*some names mentioned above are under confirmation process

Past Speakers

ISASTech 2020 is also part of Simposium Amerika-Eropa (SAE) held by the Overseas Indonesian Students Association Alliance (OISAA) America-Europe Region or mostly known as the PPIDK Amerop.  Previous series of SAE has important roles in determining the next year theme of SAE and ISASTech as it became a continuous concept as a whole. Listed below are speakers from previous SAE Events:

Potential Publishers


Journal (Indexed in Scopus)



Concept of ISASTech

ISASTech 2020 will be advertised extensively in reputable media, mouth-to-mouth advertising, digital and online media. The ISASTech 2020 online publication will also publish videos, pictures and articles closely related to Industrial Revolution 4.0 and Society 5.0 from different point of views.

Reviewal team consist of academicians and researchers from different field of research from different universities around the globe

Keynote and invited speakers at ISASTech 2020 are selected based on their reputation and their contribution to knowledge and societies. Academicians, professionals and government officials will share their ideas on each plenary session. ISASTech 2020 would act as an educational platform and trigger for future conferences.

ISASTech 2020 will filter and gather quality papers through three-tier selection process:

  1. Abstract selection
  2. Full Paper Selection
  3. Internal Selection from International Journal

Papers which passed the second selection might be presented during ISASTech 2020 in Istanbul and automatically be published on selected proceeding. To have the opportunities to be published in international journal, each selected paper must pass the last selection process by the selected journals’ internal reviewers.

In order to enrich our conference and provide enjoyable experience, ISASTech 2020 will maintain dynamic discussions and serve the best hospitality for every attendee ranging from observers to the VIP so it would create pleasure circumstances for exchanging ideas.

ISASTech 2020 will also held side events such as:

  1. Cultural Night & Awarding Ceremony: Where all presenters, VIPs and observers could discuss casually and increasing opportunities for network building with one another. This event also aims to promote Indonesian culture and Turkish culture. This hybrid concept will hopefully strengthen relationship between the two countries.
  2. Focus Group Discussion: Where all presenters and our reviewal team discuss, and exchange ideas based on selected hot issues to create recommendation for the future development of Indonesia and contribution of knowledge to related global issues.
  3. Istanbul City Tour: As a refreshing part of the conference to enjoy the beauty and the extraordinary of Istanbul.
  4. Scholarship Talk Show: Scholarship opportunities sharing session for international students to study in America-Europe with various higher education level from bachelor to postdoctoral degree.
  5. ISASTech 2020 will be held in conjunction with the Symposium of the Overseas Indonesian Students Association Alliance (America-Europe Region) or Simposium Amerika Eropa (SAE). This event will welcome delegations from 27 countries across America-Europe to design the yearly working plan of the organization and the election of the president of the organization.

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